The process

How to order a print...

Thank you for inquiring about a custom print..

"Whether it be an anniversary print, award print, family memory print, Kelly will help you create something extra special that will be treasured for years to come."

What I would need from you:
Please list as many items that you would like on the print. Average print has about 50-75 items.
(50 being the smaller 11x14)
Can be more or less depending on what size you are looking to purchase.
Some ideas would be: anniversary dates, birthdays, street address, cities lived in, church, schools, sport leagues...quotes, clubs you are in, places from childhood, vacation spots, favorite songs, bands, restaurants, movies, quotes....anything.
Start with the things that are most important... these would be the BOLDEST items on print. So for my Southie Prints it is: SOUTHIE and 02127. So for you it might be family name, address, wedding date, children names and birth dates etc., anything that you want to stand out the most would be in the first list. It can be 1, 2 or 3, or 5 items...doesn't matter, you decide. Just list as you see fit. All I really do is decide sizing based on what will stand out..down to the smallest words, quotes or sayings that will fill in all those spaces around the important items that you chose to be bold. A lot of times people remember funny things their mom or dad would say...and I can squeeze all that in smaller details around other stuff to make it more personal.
After your list all your items think about size. Ready made frames for posters run
11x14, 16x20, 18x24.
Will you use a seamless un-matted poster frame or will you want to matte the image Please take that in to consideration so I can leave space.
Example: My Southie print runs 18x24
Any size you want I can do: small, medium or larger size. Most popular is 11x14 matted in 16x20 frame.
((I do not frame)) I provide print only
Once I receive list, I get started. I may email you occasional with questions. You will have an opportunity to EDIT for spelling, and change or swap up to 5 items once done.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Kelly Sieckhaus